Blazer Expands Datacom


At the end of 2015 Blazer Electric was approached by two ex-Synergy Datacom Supply Employees (Craig Mabis and Stephan Dunker) about expanding Blazer’s Datacom division. Stephan is responsible for the inside Datacom sales and Craig Mabis now acts as Blazer’s Outside Datacom salesman.


Like the Blazer family, Craig grew up in the Midwest including Minnesota and Wisconsin. After achieving his college degree in Police Science, Craig worked several years as a full-time police officer, but later decided that a career in Datacom sales would be more cohesive with his family life. Twenty years later Craig is still selling Datacom, but now with Blazer Electric.


Craig had heard plenty of good things about Blazer and jumped at the opportunity to join the team when he had the chance. “There’s not too many places anymore where you can walk into the owner’s office and shoot the breeze over football, life and other topics and truly feel like you’re talking to someone who really cares about your future,” Craig says. “Many people are motivated for many reasons. What motivates me is to be part of a special team of individuals that care for each other and are focused on making the most positive impact in the marketplace.”


Craig has been married for over 20 years to Jessi Mabis and has two children in high school. In his spare time he likes to work with Youth For Christ, a ministry that works with incarcerated youth.