Blazer Gives to the Peace Officers’ Memorial Colorado Springs

peace-officers'-memorial-Colorado Springs, CO_Blazer Electric Supply

Encore Electric and Blazer Electric Supply team up to donate lighting for the Peace Officers’ Memorial in Colorado Springs. Blazer provided the lighting and some pre-fabrication work. Encore Electric provided installation of the lighting for this memorial project.

peace-officer-memorial-colorado springs, co_Blazer Electric Supply

Each one of the badges is a 3-D replica of actual law enforcement badges, covering El Paso and Teller counties, for the 23 active law enforcement agencies. Including: El Paso County Sheriff, Teller County Sheriff, CSPD, FBI, CIA, Fountain Police, Fountain Police, Woodland Park police, USAFA, Peterson Field, Ft. Carson, Schriever AFB, etc. There are two extra spaces in the wall for any future peace officer agencies that may come to our region.


They call the blue lighting “The Thin Blue Line”—“The Thin Blue Line is a phrase used by law enforcement. The phrase refers figuratively to the position of law enforcement in society as a bulwark between order and anarchy.”


The lion is a replication of the “Dying Lion” also known as “The Lucerne Lion”.